Mass Effect 3 CE SNAFU: Epilogue

But...I have it...

Oh, how I thought I was done writing about Target. In the end, they put out…er, I mean, they upheld their end of the bargain by sending me the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition for the Xbox 360. ::cue golf clap::

However, they provided quite a bit of blog fodder:

I have the CE version of ME3 pre-ordered! I think.

Mass Effect 3 CE SNAFU: It Begins

Mass Effect 3 CE SNAFU: Update



So, yeah, I thought after I received my game everything was hunky-dory and I could move on with my life. That is until I received the following email this morning:


Soooo am I be just being sent a confirmation email that my item shipped? Even though I received the package six days ago? I mean, I have it. I already have Mass Effect 3. So, like, yeah. What are they sending?

HAHAHAHAHA! I probably should call Target to see what’s going on, but instead I think I’ll let this play out. If I don’t receive anything I’ll just chalk it up to be an error on their part or something. After all, I never received a confirmation email before ME3 was delivered.

<3333 Target, I love you.

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  • InertiaBrien

    If you get a 2nd copy free, i can haz it?

    PS. – Now I have your addresses. Both of them! Mwahahaha… oh.

    • Britt

      MUAHAHAHAHA! I are teh witty and teh funneh!!!

      • InertiaBrien

        Obviously. But… ICANHAZITRITE?

  • “<3333 Beez, I love you."

    Does this mean all the times you said this you really just hated me?

    • Britt

      I…we…oooh. Wow. This is…awkward…

  • HoosUDaddy

    I’m assuming that “Buttsex” is South of Seattle? Somewhere between “Painsville” and “Tainttown?”

  • Present, Target says here you can haz.
    It might be delivered in multiple packages?
    What is in the other packages?

  • Brombrom

    Speaking of ME3, I just beat it with all side quests in 17hrs 58 min.