Before you dive into this post, I’m going to ask that you play the below music while reading. Please. Do it for me.

Are you listening?  Goooood.

My friends, I received an unsuspected phone call today. It was from my mother, who called to tell me that a package had arrived for me (I use my parents’ addy when I’m expecting a package…damn skeezy neighbors!). My first thought was, oh hey! That Make it Rain shirt I ordered already arrived! I told my mom it was probably my t-shirt and that I would be there tomorrow to pick it up.

But then, ladies and gentlemen, the sky cleared, the sun shone though and the birds began signing an epic tale as soon as my mom, with a hint of confusion, said:

“But Britt, it’s from Target.”

Haaaaaaa. It says "sex".


For now, I will ignore the damage you did to the box.

Target, you sly motherfuckers! A few days ago I wrote a post doubting I would ever see my Mass Effect 3 CE, but you pulled through.  But you never, uh, sent me an email telling me you were, you know, shipping it. So I blame you.


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  • Good for you!

    • Britt


  • As soon as this happened Britt got Gamer wood for the Collectors edition. 🙂
    Look at her facial expression as she so seductively careses her new collectible toy 🙂

    • Britt

      Oh yes. Gamer wood was definitely had.

  • Enrique

    I have the CE to, I got my copy because game stop accidentally got an extra one and I was there early enough! My reaction was also very exited!

    • Britt

      DUDE! Lucky! I called all around to see if any extras had arrived, but alas…

  • Thomas Nord

    You licked it, didn’t you. You licked the box. We all know you did. 😛

    • Britt

      Sh…shhh…just ignore that smudge mark on the box…

  • Boots_33

    Hurry up and download that DLC. You’ll not regret it, my friend.

    Also, hurry up and beat it so you can appear on my ME3 BlankSpoilerCast this weekend! 😉

    • Britt

      AH! Yes! I need to download it. I almost, like, don’t want to open the box though. HMMMMMMMMM.

  • InertiaBrien

    Fucking sexy. The game looks okay, too.

    • Britt


  • Now even you will be more caught up with Mass Effect than I… 🙁

    • Britt

      You jelly brah? You should be.