SO TRUE: Getting a New Game

My first reaction after reading this:  “HAHAHAHAHA….HA…fuck.” ::glances over at game shelf::


GOOD GOD, why is this so true?!

Okay, I just took literally 30 seconds to go around my woman cave snapping photos of games I know I haven’t opened yet. And these are just off of the top of my head.

All of these are still sealed...
Never been opened. To the left I have a stand alone disc of Bioshock 2 I found at a garage sale. If I ever get the urge to play, I'll just use that.
Don't even get me started on this. This is SO my next game. After ME3. And Skyrim.

I WILL SAY, though, that I’ve gotten better. I used to buy everything and anything that was releasing, but I’ve become more practical. Or at least I like to think I have. Who in the hell knows. ;D


  1. I don’t have that problem, I immediately open all my games after I buy them…look at the instruction book, both pages!! and admire the book…then it goes on my shelf to be played one day…right now there are actually only 2 games on my shelf I’ve never played: Deadly Premonition and Eternal Sonata.

  2. Uncharted 3 o_O wtf even I’ve played that one
    Bioshock 2 say que?
    You mean little sisters and big daddys OMG WOMAN GO PLAY BIOSHOCK 2
    I haven’t played the other 4 so I can’t judge but uh yeah XD Play just a little of Bioshock, you might be hooked to finish it =D

  3. I’m not sentimental or a collector, and I rarely ever play anything more than once, so I’m constantly trading in games. All my games can pretty much fit on two shelves.

    • Sometimes I wish I was that way. If I was ever asked to sell my original Super Mario World game I think I’d cry. That being said, I don’t even know where it is. It’s mixed in with all of the others I’ve found at garage sales. =__=

  4. I have been playing the same title for the last 11 years(Halo). I stopped at Halo 3. I did buy Halo:Reach but that game sucked. So waiting for H4!! My brother is like you though, he owns every game that comes out for Xbox/PS3. He has been playing ME3 since it came out.

    • Funny you say that, I was just talking with someone who said Halo: Reach was their favorite Halo, and that ODST sucked ballzacks.

  5. I have this problem I’ve got about 5 out of my 34 games that I haven’t played yet including ME2, red dead redemption, dark souls, resident evil5, and dead island. I’ve made a deal with myself ” buy no more games till AC3 comes out”

  6. I started investing in those stackable plastic bins. Initially for old controllers and peripherals (hello, PS2 light guns). But when I bought my condo last year I decided it was time to box the old games too. Filled 2 full boxes with just games and stuck them in the basement. My nerd shelf now even has room for books:

    Also doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but the making of my nerd shelf:
    (front: back: )

  7. -Scumbag Britt-
    [Owns Uncharted 3 and Bioshock 2 special editions]
    [Hasn’t played them yet.]

    If you had to estimate the amount of money you’ve spent on games, how much would you say you’ve spent?… Consoles included.

    • Oh man. I honestly have absolutely no idea and have no idea where I would even start. Probably a sickening amount.

  8. Viva Pinata should be the next on your list. Don’t try to hide it in the back there. I saw it. And YES it is AWESOME! I was a breeding master.

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