My favorite things <3

Well HEY there! My name is Brittney Brombacher and welcome to one of my lil’ corners on the internet. You may know me as the co-founder of the What’s Good Games Podcast, perhaps as that girl who hosted two Resident Evil Showcases (I still can’t get over that), maybe you just follow me on Twitter or, hell, if you’ve been around long enough you might know me from this blog, which has been around since 2011.

I go into GREAT detail about how I got my start in the industry here, but the TLDR version is I started blogging about video games in 2009 in an attempt to find a semblance of meaning and purpose to an otherwise groundhog day-esque existence.

Luckily for me, it turns out that blogging about my lifelong hobby was exactly what was needed to add some spice to my life and quickly became a downright passion of mine. A few years passed, and thanks to this humble lil’ website I was able to carve out a space for myself in this wild industry. Since then it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of hosting podcasts, covering conventions, attending preview events and more. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

After founding What’s Good Games in 2017 this site took a bit of an…extended…backseat, but during a bout of maternity leave in 2021 I found that despite being sleep deprived and slightly zombified from caring for a newborn human I could not ignore the urge to create content and decided to boot this baby back up.

SO: Welcome to 2.0! Version 2? the Sequel? WHATEVER WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE make yourself at home, pull up a chair, pour a whiskey, etc. I’m glad you’re here. ^_^

You can also find me on What’s Good Games and The Co-op Show! 

What’s Good Games: A weekly video game podcast about the latest and greatest in video games

The Co-op Show: A weekly podcast hosted by my husband and I where we discuss and review co-op games