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    Rise of the Ronin: Hands-On Preview

    So far, Rise of the Ronin is fun! I’m hooked on the combat, RPG mechanics, open world & especially those freakin’ cats. These are VERY early impressions, but for a game doing a LOT, it [...]

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Persona Gift Unboxing

  Christmas came early! THANK YOU @Atlus_West for these incredible Persona goodies – including that Morgana plush my dog already tried to eat – and Merry Atlusmas to you and yours! (Products: @Artovision3D, @otakulamps, @TeamSanshee […]


Starfield special gift unboxing!

Starfield care package unboxing! THANK YOU @StarfieldGame and @bethesda! ???? pic.twitter.com/mZxvhGFPug — Brittney Brombacher (@BlondeNerd) August 29, 2023 WOWZA! Huge shout-out to Bethesda for this neato Starfield special gift. THAT COAT! That Stream Deck! You […]