You guys, I’m getting nervous. 

I haven’t heard anything from target in a few weeks regarding my Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition 360 pre-order. ::bites nails/nervously pulls hair/twitches/seizes/dies:: 

I’m TRYING to stay optimistic here, dudes, I really am. But uh HELLO the game released last week and I’ve heard neither hide nor hair from Target. I could always call, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t get any new information…and honestly I’m scared I’m going to get a response that alludes to, “Sorry but that’s uhhh actually not a thing that’s happening.”

EGADS! The thought of it makes my panties bundle! And not in a good way! (Although, is it possible to even have a good experience with wadded underwear? Methinks not.)

Anyway, I thought I’d give ya’ll an update on this SNAFU. Because I know my happiness is your happiness. Or something cheesy and self-centered like that. 😉 

Here’s the last email I received from them a few weeks ago:




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  • Brian

    Annnnnd this is why I don’t shop at Target.

    • Britt

      I WAS DESPERATE. Everywhere else had supposedly sold out…and, like I said, desperation grabbed me by the balls 🙁

  • Achilles410

    Sorry about your Mass Effect problems but maybe you should call you might get someone that knows something and come to terms with the response

    • Britt

      Yeah, I know. I need to. GAAAAAAAH. I must brace myself for the possibility…



      • Darren

        Good luck, Britt!

  • Time for you to hit ebay methinks.

  • This sucks, I had the same problem when GAME over here refused to stock ME3 at all, which became a problem given that the N7 version was exclusive to them..

  • Brombrom

    Who has two thumbs and a ME3 CE?

    <—– this guy.

  • Chris

    I didn’t have one preordered at all, but my friend at Gamestop saved me one when the person didn’t pick it up with in the time limit(48 hours).
    I’m pretty sure his store still has a few.

  • Dennis

    sorry to hear that you still have not gotten this there is a few stores around where i live that still have a few in stock im gonna get one this week

  • Rick

    well they still over the PS3 version over here (netherlands)…go order it from there 😛

    • Rick

      offer* >_<