World War Z Shares Title “And That’s It.”

Can you believe World War Z is coming to theaters in less than a month?! It was way back in November when I first blogged about the trailer. Damn, son. Just damn.

This won’t and shouldn’t come across as anything new in your life, but Max Brooks, author of World War Z, has said he expects the film and the novel to have the same title “and that’s it.” See, I told you it wouldn’t be any new information! We’ve all had a serious inkling this would be the case since watching the first trailer. But still it’s nice to have the confirmation from the author himself, so maybe we (the fans) can have closure, move past this little irritation and simply enjoy the film for what it is.

“I cannot guarantee that the movie will be the book that they love. And I’m in no position to tell people to see this movie or not see it. If I’m asked I say: See the movie as a movie and judge it as a movie.”

About a week ago Joblo reported on an interview Brooks gave at Mansfield University, where he dished information regarding the screenplay, the rewrites and his involvement. It’s a short and sweet read, and definitely worth a looksee if you’re into, you know, Max Brooks, zombies and World War Z.

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