TFS Abridged Parody


Whatever you had planned with the next 14 or so minutes of your life needs to be tossed aside. Unless you’ve never watched an episode of Dragon Ball Z, that is, because  like, then you won’t understand anything and that wouldn’t be funny, now would it?

As a die-hard Dragon Ball Z nutcase I got such a kick out of this parody. It is SO well done, most of the acting voices are pretty spot-on (especially Vegeta’s!) and the dialogue is HILARIOUS. There are 39 episodes total, so you can start from the beginning if you wish, but I chose the above one to show you because I think it’s a pretty iconic episode a lot of people are familiar with.


“I’m on the highway to HFIL…”


  1. It’s pretty much my favorite Abridged series. Although I’ve felt let down by a lot of this season.

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