Win a Free Zombie Portrait: WINNER!!!

No, sillyheads, that's me.

Last week I asked what you would name a pet zombie (should one fall into your possession) for a chance to win a free zombie portrait. Ya’ll came up with some pretty creative names…

Will: Lazarus is the only correct answer, obviously…

EDD21: I would probably call my pet zombie Nomskulls

Mmaranda: I’d name mine Flaky.

David: I would name my zombie Cana Dian (Canadian) cause hes be a Canadian zombie which are immune to cold making them Awesome!

Osiris: If it’s a cat (which it would definitely be) I’d call it Little Evil (or Satan for short) because it’s still cute even though it’s dead.
If it’s a dog I’d probably call it Chunks as soon as it starts leaving bits of itself laying around.

BromBrom: Rotpus McRancid “Clamidia Bill” to all of his pals. He is a Space Zombie Pirate Nazi Ninja…. From Space

H. Cross: Squidgy

Michael: Stinky, because he smells so damn bad, especially when he douses himself with Axe in an attempt to mask his odor.

Bradley: If it was a girl zombie, Brittany. If it was a boy zombie, I would call him Mr. Von Helsingborg

Billy: Nibbler

Tim: Chewy for the Star Wars tie-in

Noah: I’d name him Tork because it’s catchy and its the name of my favorite napkin company.

I think its about time to wrap this contest up! I asked my broseph Beezball to pick a number so you guys wouldnt accuse yours truly of picking favorites. Or something. I don’t have favorites. I love you all equally. <3.

Anyway, homeboy chose seventeen, and that number landed on

Get in touch with me buddy (Britt5091 [at] and Ill hook you up!

For everyone else, if youre interested in spending a five bucks to have your portrait zombified, you can find Nathan (the artist!) here.

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