I Fangirl’d Out Today

Man, Dragon Age related posts are coming back with a VENGEANCE. So today, @IntegraHawke pointed me in the direction of a few voice actors on Twitter. Fan-fucking-tastic, especially because one of them happened to be Anders from Dragon Age. Now, Anders and I had a love/hate relationship. I understand why he did what he did, but the mere fact that he did it forever makes him a loser. A hot loser. A hot loser mage. Mmmm.

Oh, Louvette, I love you and your awesome work.

Anyway, I figured this would be the best opportunity I’ve ever had to wipe the slate clean—to forgive Anders, in a sense. But not really. In all actuality it was an excuse for me to hit up the voice actor, Adam Howden.

Yeah. How epic of a tweet was that? I mean, a simple “How are you?” would have been lame right? Hahaha…::headdesk::

Not too long after, however, a response was sent my way.

Yep. Right there ladies and gentlemen a warm, cozy sensation filled my heart. Now, whether or not that means I have forgiven Anders or that I’m just a Dragon Age fanatic is yet to be known. Seeing as we all know the latter is a true statement, I may have to go with the former. Whatever.

Anyway, thank you Adam for making my day!!!


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