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I pride myself on my plethora of gamer gear—there’s nothing quite like strutting around (or walking badass-like if you’re a hu-man) while repping your favorite videogame. Recently I’ve discovered Insert Coin, and I will say that I am seriously impressed with what they have to offer. For starters, their designs are unlike many I’ve seen before. Instead of plastering an Ocarina and a Triforce on a t-shirt, for example, they take it one step further.

How neat is that? It seriously could be mistaken as one of those touristy t-shirts you find while passing through a random town. And that’s what I love about Insert Coin’s line up; it’s as if every design could pass for a “normal” t-shirt, yet it’s also a universal inside joke for gamers.

I LOVE IT. See, to the unknowing, unfortunate soul who has not played Mass Effect 2 this may look like a simple promo for a gentlemen’s club depicting a human woman dancing. But what they DON’T know is that curvaceous outline actually belongs to an asari—a mono-gender race who were the first to achieve space-flight and discover the mass relays. Boom.

This t-shirt is by far my favorite on Insert Coin’s website. I’m so sick of listening to these numbnuts rant on and on about how videogames are the reason so many of our youth are violent, having sex and destroying baby bunnies. Come on. Anyway, this is simply perfect and I wouldn’t have an issue wearing this seven days a week. (I apologize in advance to any that may end up within a ten foot radius.)

But alas, it’s getting a tad nipply out there isn’t it? Summer is officially gone, fall is here and winter is knocking on our door. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Have you heard of series called Assassin’s Creed? Mmmhmm, thought so. ;) 

Check out these bad boys. 

Yeah, if those don’t make you a bit tingly in your nether regions I don’t know what will. They’re available for pre-order now, but only for those of us in the UK. HOWEVER! Insert Coin is currently holding a Twitter contest–all you have to do is follow them, RT a tweet and you can win a hoodie no matter where you hail from! Follow them here.

Perhaps you dig some of the t-shirt designs but would like them more on a hoodie? Never fear! A line-up of awesome hoodies are also available or pre-order. 

Remember, I only selected a few designs to show that really appealed to me. There are so many other awesome shirts and hoodies available on their website!

Now if you excuse me, I have some shopping to do.


  1. Those controllers do not make you a killer indeed. Except for the Wiimote. That damn thing may lead to one or two manslaughter charges.

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