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Boinking in Video Games

July 10th, 2009

Ah, sex and gaming.  Possibly two of the most enjoyable experiences any one person can, well, experience. But when the two come together, some of us aren’t seeing the fireworks.

After reading the article regarding Bioware defending sex in its videogames I was curious and scanned the comments. Roughly 90% agreed with Bioware, whereas 10% went so far as to call it “digital voyeurism” and say “Well, they lost my money because of it.”

It got me thinking. Why aren’t some gamers accepting the concept of sex in video games with open arms?

Because it’s differen’t.

In 4th grade my teacher explained to us when Elvis would dance, the television picture would be cropped from his waist up as it was considered ‘inappropriate’ for his rocking hips to be shown on national television.  Nowadays, if you turn on the TV, you’re not only going to see rocking hips of men and women, you’re going to see lots of skin, tits and ass, not to mention censored TV sex. And it’s become acceptable (I use that term loosely). We’ve come a long way ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s tie this in with video games.

Do you remember the controversy surrounding Mortal Kombat? Critics of the game claimed the excessive amount of blood was unnecessary, and was only used to cause a public uproar to gain publicity. Skeptical gamers had to either accept and adapt, or join the media in boycotting. Today, looking at games such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 where the game will feature LESS blood than the original, the only uproar is coming from upset fans.

Now, if you throw sex into the equation, you’ll begin to see the same pattern playing out. Reading the comments from the article, it sounds like most of us aren’t opposed to the idea as long as it’s tasteful and true to the story. So what are developers waiting for?

As long as it’s fitting to the story, I say bring  it.


Britt’s Note:

I hadn’t experienced any sexual encounters in games until Dragon Age: Origins. And you know what? I worked friggen’ HARD to watch Alistair pop his cherry, so the romance scene was more than welcomed. But was I appalled? Embarrassed? Did I feel awkward as I watched my Grey Warden and a man romp around in a tent?


For starters, the timing was appropriate. The two characters had been flirting and had made mention of having feelings for each other, not to mention the world as they knew it was about to end. Second, the scene wasn’t graphic; no vag shots, no penetration shots, no boobies, etc. It was classy (although I wouldn’t have minded the former, but heeeey.) In mature games such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect where character growth and development and surrounding character/character relationships practically make the story what it is, what’s wrong with adding an additional level of  interaction?

That being said, there are instances (in Dragon Age, specifically, and there may be some in Mass Effect that I can’t recall) where you can visit a brothel and have sexy time with strangers. But again, the brothel is relevant to the time era in Dragon Age; the atmosphere shows the player a different and darker side of Denerim. And hey, if you want to be really dramatic you can say that having sex in this brothel teaches good morals– if you’re in a relationship with someone and that person is in your party while you do the deed, you’ll lose approval. Good morals, right? Minus the whole “sleeping with someone in a brothel thing”. ;D

Anyway, I think since I wrote the original post people have calmed down about boinking in video games, which makes me happy in the pants. People need to chill the fuck out. If your child is learning what sex is from a freakin’ videogame, you as a parent suck. Hard.



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