Win Britt’s Shit!


It’s not, erm, rare knowledge (as opposed to common knowledge) that I have a LOT of shit. Like, more than I know what to do with. Therefore I have decided to implement a YouTube show during which I give away some of my shit — “shit” I don’t even know I have. I’m literally going to throw a bunch of stuff in a bag, reach in, grab a game, guide, action figure, or other paraphernalia out of it and be all “OHAI THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN WIN THIS WEEK!”

Because damn. This chick has a lot of stuff she doesn’t have room for. But don’t get all cocky and confident and think you’re going to win some of of my bestest stuff — think of it as opening a pack of Pokemon cards.  You’ll get mostly commons, but every now and then you’ll see something rare and, uh, holographic? (That being said, there may or may not be a few rare cards per each Pokemon pack, if you catch my drift.)

After all, the more stuff I give away equates to more stuff I can buy! Anyway, give me until next week to get this underway. It’ll be good times, I promise! <3.


  1. Hell I bet the “Commons” in your collection are better than the rare’s in other collections :)

  2. I will win all the shit.

    And none of this has anything to do with n00bs or Vagary, so I’M ELIGIBLE! :D

  3. It’s literally going to be:
    1) Reach in.
    2) Grab whatever.
    3) Be the best prize that could have ever been given out in the history of contests.

    This is going to be bigger than Powerball.

  4. Count me in!

    Not that I need any more shit but…meh. Your free shits gotta be shit ;D

  5. Sweet! this is going to be interesting! I can’t wait to see what you decide to give away!

    Btw, when i first saw your link, i thought it said, “win Britt’s shirt!” And I was thinking to myself, ‘why would she give away her shirt?’

      • … I couldn’t do that, for one, I would COMPLETELY misread your intentions. and two, as a Gentleman/nerd, I would give my shirt to you.

  6. Ah yes the moment I have been following this blog for has finally arrived! The chance to get some of that sweet sweet booty! HAHA, oh wow that reads really dirty like Binoculars in a tree peeping tom kind of dirty, I meant the chance to win some stuff from what is by all accounts and pictures a pretty badass collection of gaming awesomeness. Though if I do manage to win and you randomly pick something like a game manual I might throw a hissy fit and call you a hoarder : P

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