Win Awesome Nerd Gear by Insert Coin Clothing!!! **CLOSED**

**This contest is now closed! But do yourself a favor and check out anyway. Their products ROCK!!!**

***The winner will be announced on Monday, February 13th!***

I’ve sung my praises for Insert Coin Clothing and their unique, AWESOME selection of t-shirts and hoodies. (Well, more like I’ve written about them. You don’t want to hear me sing unless you wish for all glass windows and other paraphernalia within a twenty foot radius to shatter.) And now I want you to experience the epicness for yourself!

I’m working with Insert Coin Clothing to offer YOU a free t-shirt!

All you have to do is visit their website and let me know which t-shirt (or hoodie, if you’d like to apply the t-shirt moniez towards one!) you’d pick should you win the contest. I’ll select a random winner at the end of Friday and announce the winner on Monday, February 13th.


1)    Visit

2)    Ogle their wares

3)    Leave a comment below telling me which t-shirt or hoodie you’d choose if YOU win!

Now, ogle and comment away!

<3 Britt


  1. I’d go with the Ryan Industries t-shirt! Or Calber’s Fine English Ketchup. Or Golden Saucer…it’s a hard choice!

    …Let’s say Ryan Industries.

  2. I love the Afterlife Gentlemans Club shirt, but I don’t look good in purple. The Kino Der Toten shirt is awesome and as much as I still play Black Ops Zombies, I believe advertising is in order. I wish it was available in hoodie form. The Zelda Fishing Tournament Green Hoodie is amazing, so I’ve got my eye on that too!

  3. Wow, this is a cool giveaway!

    I’m gonna go with the Big Shell T-Shirt for my choice.

    Good luck, everyone! :)

  4. Definitely going to go with Origami Sheet shirt from Heavy Rain. I’m probably going to pick that up even if I don’t win.

  5. dead space Ishimura t-shirt. would pick the “Eggman Industries” one if you know he was called Dr. Robotnik instead but w.e

  6. Oh man I’m so torn over which to choose, there’s just sooo many awesome ones to pick from! But if I had to narrow it down, I’d go for either the Team Sonic t-shirt, or the black Monteriggioni hoodie :)

  7. Pillar of Autumn for me. If I’m wearing a nerd shirt I want it to be recognizeable, and my other two pics (Quantum and Torgue) were a little obscure.

  8. Oooh…gotta have that ‘Red Shell Garage’ T! Brings back memories and will surely bring me some MK victory! Cheers!!!

  9. It would be an easy choice if the spirit of Idaho T-shirt was available as hoodie, since I don’t have a hoodie and always wanted one. So I can’t decide between the Spirit of Idaho t-shirt and Goldeneye hoodie.

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