**CLOSED** Win a Signed The Last of Us Poster!

TLOU game acse
So signed…so beautiful…

I had the EXTREME pleasure of briefly meeting Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, Creative Director and Game Director of The Last of Us. And by “briefly meeting” I mean I went to their panel and got their autographs. And in my book that totally counts, so don’t rain on my parade. DON’T DO IT.

TLOU posters

I’m obviously¬†keeping one of the bigger posters for myself (and, you know, I’m holding onto my game) but you’re more than welcome to one of the other posters. I’ll be giving them away throughout the month, starting with one of the little dudes!

TLOU signed

Want it? You know the drill. Enter below!

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  1. Is it weird how often I wish to live in one of these universes? I would seriously live in Last Of Us land just because it seems like the sort of place where ADVENTURE ABOUNDS. Also, Zombies.

  2. I’ve never been good naming pets/creatures. This is why I have never once given any of my Pokemon a nickname.

    Thus, I would name my Clicker ‘Clicker’.

  3. I would of course name my clicker “Remote”. I hate when people call remotes “clickers” so of course I have to flip that on its head.

  4. “If you had a pet Clicker, what would you name it?” Cuddles. It doesn’t matter what I do, every time I try to walk ANYWHERE he tries to cuddle my neck, so cute!

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