DesignByHumans: Legend of Zombie!

Legend of zombie

Above is a photo of yours truly being a complete and utter DORK at a Dragon Age: Inquisition photo booth. (Y’know, basically me being me.) But it’s also a photo of yours truly rocking an AMAZING t-shirt from DesignByHumans! Since my stupid lanyard was in the way (CURSES!) I want you to check out the design in its entirety:

legend of zombie design

GYAH! Isn’t this the best ever? I literally received 10-15 compliments during the six or so hour period I was wearing it. If you’re not a HUGE zombie/Zelda fan — in which case I say shame on you — I’ve gathered some of my other favorite designs below.

[wzslider autoplay=”true” height=”400″ lightbox=”true”]

If you a lik’a what you see’a, DesignByHumans is running a Labor Day special through the end of today! Use code LABORDAY13 and receive 15% off! GO GO GO!!!

You can keep up to date with all of their shenanigans by liking their Facebook page, or following them on Twitter! (A little birdie told me they often give away things on their social channels, so, y’know, totally worth it.)

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