**CLOSED** Win A Free Tee From Naolito Tees!

My mother would be so proud.

HEEEEEEY FRIENDS! And happy Friday! Or, if it’s another day where you live, happy Whateverday!

It’s been a minute since I’ve given away some free shit, hasn’t it? Well, never fear! FREE SHIT IS HERE. Rhyme rhyme rhyme I’ve had caffeine. Anyway, Naolito.com and I have a coupon for any free t-shirt of your choice in our grasps. You can win it should you desire. All you need to do is enter the radsalsa Rafflecopter you see below and cross as many body parts as you can. I heard that’s good luck.

Give their wares a looksee — you’ll find everything from Dragon Ball Z, TMNT, Zelda, Pokemon, Limbo, Mario, and more. There are some pretty rad designs up there, folks, like the shirt I’ve draped my torso with in the above photo!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I don’t even need to look at the rest of their shirts to know that I want the one you’re wearing*. Because Charmander.

    *Not the actual one you’re wearing, just one with the same design on it.

  2. I like the “If I had a heart” shirt. Tis kind of cool and artsy so people won’t complain when I wear it without pants!

  3. my favorite design is YOUR FACE!

    actually that would be good, you should get your face on all the things. kissing Alistair. IN SPACE.

  4. I really like the Hand of the Emperor shirt, that’s pretty cool and the Cartridge of Time those 2 are the best.

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