1. I always thought you were one of the few people chosen to receive the Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition, but if you are going to spend that amount of money on it then at least it was for a good cause. I honestly forgot how they even chose people to receive it, as all I remember is that I got a t-shirt and tote bag out it (better than nothing, but I still really wanted that Fortune Hunter Edition).

    Also, I’ve heard people mention how terrible Dragon Quarter is, but it’s honestly the only Breath of Fire game I’ve ever wanted to play. I tried a bit of one of the older ones and didn’t really like it much, so maybe it’s because it’s so different that I think I’d like it.

    My personal pick for game I want a sequel to is Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s the first (and for my money, still the best) FF game I’ve ever played, so I would love to play another one in that style (sorry, but the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games have never done anything for me). Who at Square-Enix do I have to give “favors” to so they can make this happen?

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