What Has Gordon Freeman Been Up To?

Ah, Half-Life 3. Those words alone are strong enough to stab even the most spirited in the heart.

At least we know what Gordon Freeman has been up to. Poor guy. Must be tough. HE’S BEGGING FOR ADVENTURE, C’MON VALVE! Give this man something to whack with his trusty, famed crowbar.

You know, I was thinking about it earlier today. Sure, Kim K. may have attempted to “break” the internet with her champagne-butt shot, but I think Mr. Gabe Newell could damn well legitimately break that shit should he make a few announcements.

Sigh. /goes back to twiddling thumbs

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  1. This is pretty appropriate that you posted this! Cheers!

    I’ve just started my ‘kinda-yearly’ (but not every year cause I don’t wanna ruin my love of the game) playing of the Half-Life series. I’ve started from Half-Life 1, then Half-Life: Blue Shift (for the Barney backstory and extra easter eggs), then Black Mesa (for the glossy feels all over again) and then onto Half-Life 2 (which I’m now gravity gunnin’ my way through atm). Then it’s HL2: Episode 1 and HL2: Episode 2 and that should bring me up to speed on all the Half-Life nostalgia and story.

    So this trailer and post got me right in the gut.

    (I deliberately left out HL: Opposing Force cause although Cpl Adrian Shepard’s story intertwines with the Black Mesa incident, it take’s a different and independent narrative twist – it still makes sense and is great but I just wanted to do the ‘Black Mesa team’ ones lol)

    Also that trailer so good and had everything that would make even the G-Man shed tears.

    PS Could Cpl Shepard be brought into the new Half-Life 3/Episode 3 narrative? Cause as far as I remember he’s still in ‘Limbo’ at control of the G-Man? wowowowowowWOWOWOWOWowwowowo

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