1. This a wonderful insight into what you’ve been through. I especially like the added comments about what you were feeling when you did the things you did.

  2. It was great that you got to speak your opinion and get recognition on the ign blog, I would think starting out in a huge site like that and being able to stand out in the community would be the hardest part, glad people took notice.

  3. It is SO kick ass that your grandmother play(ed)s videogames! Doubly awesome that you decided to follow a dream! Thanks for sharing (:

  4. I’m glad that you posted this it was really something to here about you life back in the day and how you got so awesome I always love hearing how people get into anime or gaming my older brothers were the ones for me :3

  5. Wow, the first thing I look at on your website and it references the IGN blogs. Must be serendipity.

    I’ve been talking with mattius_carl recently, and we both expressed our disappointment that the old community broke up. We had such a positive group of people blogging and commenting, which you don’t see often on the internet. I wish everyone hadn’t gone their separate ways, but I shouldn’t complain since I was one of the first to jump ship after the shift to MyIGN.

    Want a blast from the past? Check it out: http://web.archive.org/web/20090614001004/http://blogs.ign.com/Britt5091/

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