Pokémon ReAnimated Intro

Put 32 animators together and give ’em the goal of recreating the oh-so-nostalgic 90’s Pokémon theme, and THIS is what you get.

I think my favorite bit is Brad Weaver’s because of derp. I mean, look at Ash (and his bare ass) and Pikachu while Lapras, Dratini and Gary are WTF-ing. Hahahaha. Shit. What’s your favorite moment?

For more info on Pokémon Animated head over to their Tumblr. There’s some neat behind-the-scenes shenanigans and other radness. Now, excuse me while that fucking song is stuck in my head all damn day.


  1. lol nice I like koffing der de derp face and is the supposed to be zubat which now looks like Mickey Mouse n the black and white part? lol thats pretty funny.

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