Villains as Pokemon

Dorkly has come up with several hilarious drawings that depict video game villains as as Pokemon, and these pictures actually made me LOL IRL. You know, like, they actually caused me to snicker out loud. None of that fake “lol” or “lmao” shit. Oh no. These laughs were REAL.


BAWWW. Look at cute Dr. Robotnik looks as an egg! Hell, he even looks adorable as a chicken-thing! Guys, I think I want one. I’ll even sit on it until it hatches. Actually, scratch that. That would be weird because it has eyeballs and such. Right. Moving on.


BWAHA! Ganon the piglet! I don’t know why that strikes me as being so funny — “Ganon the piglet!” From now on I’m going to refer to Ganon as a piglet, and it’s going to be glorious. Please feel free to join me.


GLaDOS’ picture is the one that made me really laugh out loud. I mean, LOOK AT THAT POTATO. Look how derpy it is! And then there’s a cluster of potatoes growing on a palm tree  — dubbed Glastarch –which is even funnier because EVERYONE KNOWS POTATOES GROW IN THE GROUND.

There are several more on Dorkly’s page, so make sure you check ’em out!


      • Surprisingly it’s still going and strong! Their Latest installment Xros Wars was pretty great and has a pretty dark story tone, one thing that sadly pokemon anime won’t go for *but the manga from what I’ve read is.*

  1. Omg their abilities are so bad x_x
    I’m sorry but I would never use these if they had abilities like these
    You can literally use Spore on Eggman and he will just faint.
    Does ganon’s ability have a pro rather than a con i mean triforce of power? That shouldn’t hinder him, in fact, the triforce of power has NOTHING to do with ganon’s evil. Come onnnn :(

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