A Man of Few Words

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BAHAHAHAHA! As any Zelda fan knows, this comic spews truth serum all over every inch of the internet . I think the only legitimate words I’ve ever heard Link muster is in Ocarina of Time: If Link steps off of the edge of a ledge but manages to grasp onto the ledge, he’ll say “Oh whoa!” AND DON’T TELL ME THAT LINK TALKS A LOT DURING THAT TV SHOW HE WAS IN because as far as I’m concerned, that was, like, not Link.

I’ve often wondered how the Zelda franchise would be impacted of Link was given a voice and a true “personality”. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Link adopting those things, but I think there’s absolutely no way Nintendo could nail it in such a way that everyone would be appeased — which, let’s face it, appeasing everyone is a task no video game developer can ever accomplish but when you’re dealing with a franchise like The Legend of Zelda I can’t help but wonder if it’s best not to, like, go there.

I’m not a huge Metroid fan (only because I haven’t played the games :/) but wasn’t there recently a SNAFU that sorta-kinda dealt with the same voice acting/personality issue?


  1. The Metroid issue is because of a Metroid Anime that was made in which Samus, who has generally had a reputation as being a badass, was pretty much turned into a sniveling ninny.

  2. I agree with you there, Link can NOT have a personality, this trait (or lack thereof) is essential to the man’s legacy! It’s like taking a bite out of the Triforce if you gave him a personality.

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