Video: Lady Problems In Harvest Moon

“Honeys can’t resist when I spit game.”


I may, MAY have already posted this video somewhere on here, but fuck it, this is my corner of the internet and I can post something as many times as I want. ::puffs chest out:: ::quickly deflates chest due to out of shape-ness:: But this is a legit problem I’ve faced in Harvest Moon multiple times! I always find myself with three or four of the girls wanting my farming nuts. And then I have to tell myself, “Okay, Britt. You’re getting too buckwild all up in this game. You need to find a woman and settle with her.”

But then it comes down to WHO can do WHAT, you know? Sure, Anne is good at tending to the farm animals, but Karen’s face is worth marrying just to wake up to every morning.

…I am what is wrong with this industry.

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