A Resident Evil TV Show Is Going To Be A Thing


Germany-based production company Constantin Film (the same company behind the Resident Evil films) has announced a television series based off the oh-so-ass-kicking series Resident Evil. Currently in production, this series is slated to debut after the next (and possibly final) Resident Evil movie, titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, hits theaters. Aaaaaand that’s about as much as we know.

C-can it be? Can it really be true? THIS BETTER NOT FALL THROUGH. I dig all things Resident Evil. Umff. As long as there’s some (quality) semblance to the series I know and love and have loved for umpteen years I’ll be a’very’a happy. I mean, at this point the series has gone in all sorts of directions it’s kind of hard to define what Resident Evil really is anymore, nah’mean? 



  1. As cheese-fest as the movies are I still adore them, therefore this announcement makes me a very happy girl~ :D

  2. So I’m guessing this means there could possibly be two Resident Evil TV shows now, since this one seems to be different than that Arklay show that was revealed a few months ago. If even one of them comes to fruition that would be awesome, but I’ll probably die from excitement if there are two Resident Evil TV shows on my airwaves.

  3. T.V. Is far better in my opinion. There is time to create a breathe taking story! Now, if only the can get the same budget as a feature film.

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