There’s A Petition To Bring Smash Bros. 4 To The Vita

bring smash

Apparently Smash Bros. for the 3DS has been renamed by the masses as Smash Bros. 4. That’s neat. Anyway, here’s a petition asking Nintendo to port Smash Bros. 4 to the Vita because that’s totally a possibility because of everything.

The description reads as:

“Nintendo NEEDS to port this game to the PSVita. Many of us Sony fans don’t want to buy an underpowered console like the Nintendo 3DS, but we would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros. Not only would it be benefical for both fans and Nintendo, but probably also REQUIRED by US anititrust law, since Nintendo has a monopoly on games like Smash Bros. by virtue of having no competing title.”

As of right now it currently has 365 supporters. I’m not sure if this is, like, a legit petition meaning these people think this an actual possibility, but nonetheless it’s worth checking out for the comments alone. 



  1. There are a hundred and fifty-one reasons why this petition is ridiculous. shouldn’t allow twelve-year-olds with no economic sense to start petitions. Problem solved. :P

    I really wish I had the time to make a better argument like I used to. Now all I can do is laugh at these severely under-informed individuals.

  2. I have a psvita and use to play indie games, you do not need to be a Nintendo fan to know how big it is Smash Bros, but I think most of those who are doing this ridiculous request does not know anything about Nintendo or Sony or at least they are too lazy to read about companies and IP (sorry google traslator)

    • Hey, that turned out really good! :D

      But I agree. The best thing we can probably all do is laugh and not take it seriously, because minds will blow.

  3. I will buy a Vita for Smash. I’m a Sony guy but it’s time to swollow my pride and get a small bit of Nintendo in my gaming collection.

  4. at this point the best those people can hope for is a future sony handheld has 2 screens and then gets hacked, and has a 3ds emulator put on it.. nice thought though.

  5. Petitioners be silly. Nintendo doesn’t have a monopoly because competing titles do exist on other systems. If that were the case, Nintendo would have to cough up Mario and Link to Playstation and Xbox too, no console or company could have its own IPs or exclusives, none of that. [Gears of War on a Wii U? Weird, but I’d be down]

    And if the argument is just for Smash, apparently he’s one of the many people who never touched Playsation All-Stars [shots fired?]

    I’m all for Smash being on other consoles, especially if they could somehow interconnect between consoles to boost the number of online players [completely unlikely], but homie needs to learn what he’s talking about before trying to spout jargon. Silly goose.


  7. A few days ago I bought a 2ds to play smash because I am both an adult kindergartner (because of the 2ds) and a DK main. Pony up I say, it’s well worth it.

  8. I know this post is old, but damn…I thought this was pretty ridiculous.

    First off, Nintendo does not own a monopoly. They do not hold one on game consoles and they do not own one on genre (in particular franchise franchise beat-em-up mashups). Hell PS has Playstation AllStars Battle Royale…there is your franchise beat-em-up.

    Second, there is a thing called licensing. As far as I can tell, Mario, Link, DK, and co. are all licensed to Nintendo. Sorta has that tied up. Sorta reminds me why Rare couldn’t remaster their version (or rerelease for that matter) GoldenEye64.

    Then they will probably bring up the whole Snake and Sonic licensing….well Snake was just put in at the request of Hideo Kojima. Sakurai was given permission. Same thing with Sonic essentially (but for Nintendo generally). Why do you think have Sonic on games as DLC and have Sonic n Mario mashups thrown at us every 2 years?

    As for giving permission to a major player in the console wars to release a Nintendo Product on Sony’s…….will never happen.

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