Video Games Reimagined as Romance Novels


Vagina Day — er, Valentine’s Day — is right around the corner, and all of you players with a co-op partner best remember lest your significant other becomes butthurt and accuses you of “no longer caring” because a “national holiday” such as Valentine’s Day is not one to be ignored. (I’ve heard a lot of horror stories via my friends of the male variety.)

But I digress! Just in the nick of time comes these romance novel covers which depict some of our favorite video game couples in some private (and steamy) moments. YAY FOR LOVE!


Mario Peach

Link Zelda

Ken Ryu


 A few observations:

  • That Link/Zelda cover admittedly got me a bit warm ‘n fuzzy in my pants. To be frank, I’m a little hot and bothered. Although Link doesn’t quite look like he’s experienced in the art of kissing (is he duckfacing?!) I would gladly take the time to teach The Hero of Hyrule how to swap saliva. IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME?
  • Peach looks like a smug biatch, but I LOVE it. Poor Luigi blarghing in the background on a pipe is nice touch as well. The random mushroom is a nice touch.
  • Ken/Ryu. Let’s make this happen. That’s a sandwich I wouldn’t mind being the filling for.
  • I LOVE all of the details in the Pacman cover! The cherry ring, the red bow, the background grass with paths dug out — good shit!
  • The Duck Hunt cover is cute and sad and cute and sad. But mostly cute. Does that make me weird?

For the inspiration, techniques and whatnot that were used to create these awesome imageries of awesomeness, head over yonder!


  1. These are awesome. I especially like the Fierce Moves tagline “They could defend against anything… Except each other.” XD

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