Why I Present Myself The Way I Do

Hey ya’ll! This is a lil’ vid of yours truly confronting an email I received. It’s something different, but I hope it will help you guys/gals “get” me a little more! I mean, I’m really quite easy to understand. Give me sexual innuendos, video games and hot wings we’re good to go for days.

But seriously, I think this is a good chance for me to address some questions/comments/inquiries/complaints/beard-rubbers I’ve received a handful of times.

Enjoy! <3


  1. Speaking for myself, how you present yourself in your videos is the number one reason I stick around. I think a more “professional” approach wouldn’t be as appealing and keep me checking your blog as does the unfettered, uncensored, crazy Britt.

    I think your genuine, this-is-how-I-am-IRL style works.

  2. Fuck that guy. Long live Buttsex McGee!

    Seriously though… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with how you run your shit, Britt. I think you do an awesome job, and not because you give me clinical, pre-scripted reviews, but because you just talk like normal people talk. Perverted, wandering, and more often than not, straying so far from the point you end up somewhere else.

    In closing, tacos.



  3. Thanks for making content the way you make you’re content Britt. And thank you for consistently filling my news feed with video games and awesomeness. :)

  4. I don’t know, the guy seems like a total asshat to me. If some random person gave me totally unsolicited advice about how I should change almost everything about myself, I would just tell him to fuck off and not give him a second thought.

    But I’m glad you used this as a springboard to get some of your thoughts out, and to provide us with another great video. I could tell you not to change, but you made it pretty evident that you never will. :)

  5. It sounds like this ‘gentleman’ was trying to give you advice based on his own ideals rather than actual experience in the industry, which, while well-intended, are really just self-serving.

    FWIW, if I felt that your antics or delivery were a facade put on for the views, I wouldn’t have continued to follow you since the Zaxy days. I happen to like the unabashed crassness and unrehearsed enthusiasm you deliver with each video and blog… for example, it’s rare that I would actually watch an ‘unboxing’ but somehow the garage sale haul vids have had me rolling.

    Of course there’s always room to evolve one’s craft and find ways to better one’s self (if one does not then they will soon become a dinosaur), but if your methodology is how you want to execute your show then don’t apologize or explain yourself. Just continue rockin’ the mic.

  6. It is great you are content with being yourself and not letting others change your methods of how you present yourself. Especially on your own site. I wish more people would stop trying to tell others how they should do things online. If you don’t like how a person presents themselves than don’t follow their stuff. Anyway, love what you are doing and really love seeing your videos!

  7. They instance i could give on this was , back in 1981 4 guys from Hollywood ca put a band together , held nothing back , live the life they wanted , had there good & bad times , were told they would never amount too anything but 5 min sleazeathon , & When all they ever wanted too be was themselves & the best rock band they could be, Today they still tour successfully had number one best selling cds gross millions in touring,Even rocked the Porn industry like no one else & own there own music( Even the beatles or the rolling stones can’t say that & are going out one last time on there own terms , continueing too be themselves , Love em or hate them they still did things by there own terms & being themselves , Liking yourself , being proud of who you are ,& most of all not being FAKE too please others, makes you a ROCKSTAR already ! :P

  8. Cool beans. Like the others who posted, I much prefer the way you present yourself as opposed to the barbie/ken dolls on television. It’s like hanging out with a cool friend who has the same interests as me. So kudos on your video response! Keep being you! :)

  9. I can vouch for Britt and tell you that she REALLY is exactly what she presents…and has been since 7th grade when we became friends. It’s awesome that you stay true to yourself. Stay weird! It’s way more interesting.

  10. As I have yet to meet You in real life (maybe this PAX East) I have never had any doubt that you are exactly how you seem, a fun as hell person. You’re very genuine and a blast to talk to.

    This guy kinda pisses me off

  11. All — thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot. I’m still going to look at this as a positive way to address some questions I’ve received about my “online persona” and all that. <3 <3 <3

    • You’re a rare breed. I didn’t know there were any girls gamers out there with charisma, self esteem, and an inviting attitude. Keep spreading the positivity and being yourself. And keep gaming!


  12. Writing the way you speak comes off as far more genuine than scripting your response does. I pause a lot when I speak – mostly because I lose my train of thought so quickly. I put the pauses in my writing on purpose. Do you, Britt.

  13. At first I was annoyed with the guy slightly, but you did very well in addressing his concern with “professionalism”. You never intended the blondnerd brand (from what I can tell) as a professional endeavor, it is clearly videos intended to entertain and let the viewer in a bit to who you are. You joke, jest, and make perverted joke because you are an intelligent, perceptive, nerdy lady who understands the absurdity of some social standards and utilizes cleverness and yes sometimes comedic debauchery to expose it.

    This guy was clearly wishing to impose his values. I am glad you rejected that premise.

    THEN it gets a little creepy with his last paragraph.

    He tries to play it off as he’s giving you a friendly warning…..”fuck ton of haters that will think sexualization is your intention and give you shit”

    Yeah. Sure. So she should act like someone she’s not because some dicks can’t show a modicum of respect.

    “think of the ways the “booth babes” are sexualized, or how the cosplayers are harassed, and you get an idea of what might happen….”

    It’s like a veiled threat, if you DARE to discuss any sexuality you will be treated like a sex object.

    Fuck that. Fuck him. Same kinda jerk who thinks women who dress provocatively are “asking” for rape. How about assholes control themselves, and let her be who she wants to be. If you don’t like it, unsubscribe.

  14. I can attest to the fact that your online persona is the same as your “real life” persona. You’re awesome just the way you are, keep doing what you’re doing.

    Wait…was that a compliment? From…me? ;)

    Also, as for the professionalism thing…that’s become less and less of an emphasis on even news casts, what with shows using skype to interview guests and segments where anchors sit around and veg about one topic or another. I watch our local Fox station news cast every morning and the best part of it is when the anchors just take turns making jokes about the news…weather it’s a serious or lighthearted story. So that’s something you REALLY shouldn’t worry about.

  15. With well intentions or not that was a rather poorly written and constructed email coming from someone trying to give advice on how to be “presentable” and “articulate”. Inappropriate use of grammar and punctuation, inconsistent sentence structure, tone switching… the list goes on. I understand writing in haste, but if his intention was to truly be helpful its all rather off putting and can be easily read as hostile.

    With that out of the way I just want to say that I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos, especially your yard sale finds. As an avid yard sale nut myself I really enjoy seeing other peoples spoils of the hunt. So…

    Happy hunting! And may the prices be ever in your favor.

  16. You handled it better than I would have. I would have said thanks for your unsolicited advice….jerk. Pretty much what Adam Claypool said below. I was kinda creeped out when I read the last bit. His toned seemed like he was trying to make you feel ashamed or something.

    But kudos for handling it the way you did, but I hope you don’t let emails like this get you down. Probably easier said than done though. You have my stamp of approval, so just remember that!

  17. Keep being who you are!! Thats is why we love to see your videos and read your stuff cause your so special and full of life!! I bet your close friends and family have a blast with you!! Keep up what you do and “Don’t Look Back”!

    “Being young and Full of Happiness is something that everyone has in one lifetime,if you don’t enjoy it to the fullest, It will be gone before you know it”!

  18. I’m glad you didn’t take a lot of what he said personal (despite the fact, that it was directed at you) and I’m particularly happy with you how you took it, as a means to explain your situation. You’re a very rare person, Britt, Unique and awesome. Please, stay that way.

  19. This just made me fall head over heels in love with you, Britt. Your voice is heavenly, your appearance is gorgeous, and your attitude is all sorts of kick-ass! You’re my ideal girlfriend all in one fantastic package. Keep up the awesome work, hun!

  20. Awesome response, you are a unique voice on the internet and that is why I come here and read what you write and why I have continued to comment often. It feels like we are buddies and if you were to go into perfect robotic responses it would feel a bit disingenuous. I am glad that you are actually posting about this sort of thing too, this video is kinda of a way of staking a claim saying “this is my little slice of the internet, I am going to be me here regardless. If you don’t like it oh well.” Way to go Britt, keep being you and I am sure success will follow.

  21. While the innuendos aren’t something I’m hugely fond of, I still think that because of your personality, it doesn’t bother me as much as it would with others. The fact that you’re being yourself is frankly what makes you so enjoyable to listen to; if you were “professional” it would be boring. Keep being you!

  22. Who you are is who you need to present yourself as… period.
    As someone who’s been trying to schill a brand myself and has been on and hosted lots of webshows, I can’t count the number of times people have told me that they appreciated MORE the fact that we were just so all over the place, unpracticed, and just willing to be ourselves and spontaneous. People love reality and this is the REAL reality…
    Kudos to you for sticking to your guns Brittney! :)

  23. baaw, your being insulted for being yourself? There really are people who will always find something to complain about. Being a bit of a gutter mind myself I find it funny to ready your vomit of perversional vocabulary (that may not be a real word). And you still write good stuff. Why make it boring by trying to act like a tv anchor. When you do things unscripted it just seems more genuine.

    Maybe it was driven by pure jealousy, or he doesn’t like a woman on top, or in the butt? idk. Long live buttsex

  24. I prefer the candid approach. The whole scripted delivery feels a little weird, when I watch similar videos from other Youtube producers. It sounds like I’m watching the news or being sold something. No thanks. Keep on doin’ what you do. :)

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