1. What a steal for most of those high profile games I’m a big fan of your collection! I especially love toy story 2 out of that lot.

      • Yes I remember renting it, but I own it now, and I also liked to mess around in the first level. Being a huge fan of 3d platformers as a kid I really liked the other levels too, this game fit right into that. I remember in middle school staying up all night going through and beating it, this game is a good childhood memory.

  2. First off, let’s be real… you should have been paid to take FFXIII off the hands of whatever poor soul owned that pile of hot garbage.

    But enough on that. Let’s talk about RE2…

    I played that game SO MUCH that I could legit S-Rank it. Either campaign would clock in around 2hrs and 25mins and I’d do it without saving. The only thing I have yet to finish in that game is surviving the Tofu campaign.

    But truly, I had routes planned out in the police station for minimal backtracking and maximum ammo capacity. It was quite impressive/scary. :)

  3. Resident Evil 2 was my first introduction into the RE series. I remember me and my friend both playing it for the first time and dying about a million times before we even got to the police station.

    That said, RE4 is my favorite RE game and one of my favorite games of all time.

    • Oooh. Yeah, that sounds about right. Er, *would* sound about right had I not cheated the entire time.

      Awesome! What did you play RE4 on?

      • I first played it on PS2 and then bought it on PSN and played the shit out of it there too

        At first I was also confused by how it tied in (or didn’t tie in) with the previous titles but it was still fun going up against crazy druid-cult-zombie-ish enemies.

  4. That necklace though :< unfortunately I never owned a Rez 2 cartridge I played it for the first time for PS1 on my PS2. It wasn't so long ago but I really wanna replay it again! I still have my 007 and Pokemon Stadium though :3 I actually love that all of those disc games were cheaper than the cartridges x'D I actually have a Final Fantasy XI and an expansion pack for it that I had my parents buy for me when I was younger because I thought I could play it as is. Well, being a dumb child I spent a shit load of money on a game I couldn't use because I had dial up. No one wants them either and I have tried to sell them to no avail – want 'em? :P

  5. Holy crap, no matter what the quality of the games (never played Turok 3), $2 apiece is AWESOME! I am jealous of your haggling skillz!

    I never had RE2 on the N64, but absolutely LOVED it on the PS1! I keep hoping and hoping that one day we’ll get an RE:Remake quality version of Resident Evil 2.

  6. WinBack was AWESOME. One of the 1st games where you could stick to coroners for cover and pop out and fire. We played the shit out of the split screen multiplayer.

    P.S. Careful Britt, “touching peoples childhoods” can get you in a lot of trouble these days……………..

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