**CLOSED** Cannon Brawl Keys!

Hello, lovelies! Let me introduce you to Cannon Brawl:

“Cannon Brawl is an intense action-strategy game that combines the skill-based play of a classic artillery game with the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS. Matches are quick and players will need to think fast to outwit and outmaneuver their opponents. Players choose from a wide array of pilots and war machines to create a combination of buildings that they can drop from airships across destructible 2D multiplayer maps to decimate their opponents. With resource management, territory control, and war machine upgrades, players will find a fierce real-time battle experience wrapped up in an enchanting fantasy world.”

You know the drill. You woontz? Enteerz! I have seven keys at my disposal. <3

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  1. Splody. And I would paint chain chomp teeth on the side of it.

    “Wouldn’t Bill be better suited if you are going to make a Mario reference?”

    *Points Splody at critique*

  2. Acorn Catapult. Yes, i know it’s a Magic the Gathering card. But who wouldn’t be afraid of a dozen squirrels and nuts flying through the air in your direction?

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