TGS 2014: The Evil Within Trailer

Let it be known that I shan’t play The Evil Within in the dark, nor with headphones. Let it be known that the E3 demo traumatized me enough to solidify these claims. Let it be known that I yelped loudly in the demo room, but thankfully no one besides the developers heard me. (Does that make it worse? Actually, that would probably be a compliment if anything. Embarrassing for me, though.)

So yeah, if your scare-o-riffic meter is rigged anything like mine your pants will shit themselves and proceed to run away forever. (Get it? “Scare your pants off”? Hurr?) If you’re not scared easily, you should at least find this game creepy. I mean, really creepy, twisted and fucked up. Umffff. Oh. And the enemies are hard as shit to kill, ammo is limited and you should come to expect tight corridors and children’s giggling.


The Evil Within launches October 14th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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