1. Mario Paint has to be on every SNES kid’s list. I think that was probably the first “mouse” I ever even used as a kid – talk about feeling old! Can’t forget the in-game music maker too… On second thought, making coherent music on there myself was a huge fail but the tunes already on the software are some of my favorite of any game :)

    • Y’know what, that may have been my first too! Hahaha, I couldn’t make anything that sounded good on that music maker either, but it sure was fun.

      • Its funny…. Video game music is either b) awesome to get work done to or b) way too distracting to get any work done. No middle ground.

  2. I haven’t played the pink panther game but I love the cartoons. when you mentioned debug mode it made me think of sonic the hedgehog I would do the same kinda thing! Lion King was a wonderful game from my childhood although I did get past the first level I would always die in the level after I became adult simba. yeah Weiner is a funny word, I had teacher named Mr Wiener in grade school yeah even my mom couldn’t keep a straight face I was giggly over it too, and watching wienerville on nickelodeon didn’t help either… LOL =P thanks for sharing look forward to more!

  3. OH YUS. Another “Top 10…(15?)” list! :D
    I was a little too young for the SNES, I can’t even remember if we had one or not but I have played one before at my cousins once, one of the Mario games…
    ANYWAY, I really wanna see this wiener Mario Paint picture >:)

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