Thank you, BioWare!!!

ALL OF YOU LAUGH AT ME WHILE I RANT ON AND ON ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE BIOWARE. Yes, you all laugh as I profess my love for Alistair, for Kaidan, for Garrus…and for the lords that make them. But guess what?! All of that obsessive fangirling pays off. For I, Brittney Brombacher, have been such an neurotic freak about my love for BioWare that they have noticed.

Yes, they have noticed. And they sent me lithographs.

Probably to shut me up.

BUT A-HA! Your plan has backfired, BioWare, for I now love you even harder.

But for serious, thank you guys SO much. As soon as my eyes met the beauty that are these lithographs I scrambled and bought frames (after squealing very, very loud, that is) — now I just need to find the wall space for them. Seeing as my hallway and woman cave are already littered with posters these might just have to migrate into my bedroom ;D

Oh yes. Nothing else sets such a perfect mood.



  1. Hmm… if they were truly paying attention, you’d have a giant Alistair lithograph.

    Just sayin’. :P

    But since that didn’t happen, they’re still pretty sweet. Just take down the crappiest two posters you have. I bet you have an FFIX poster put up. You can get rid of that nonsense, hahahaha!!!

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