I’m going to PAX East…?!

The other morning started out relatively normal — the only morning-noteworthy event was reading a tweet about “hotels in Boston selling out quickly”. Now, my gamer-mind took three and four-fifths seconds to come to the conclusion that PAX East shenanigans were going down, but then my mind switched to work and I dropped the thought. No more than an hour or so later my broseph Will Castillo shot me an email and was like “OHAI PAX EAST BADGES ARE ON SALE!”

Aaaand five minutes after receiving that email I found myself with PAX East tickets and a hotel booked.

Well, shit. That happened quickly.

So, kiddos, the purpose of this blog post is to tell y’all that PAX East tickets are on sale, the con takes place 3/22-3/24 and that YOUR ass should be there. Media registration doesn’t open until early February, so if you plan to attend as media you should buy a regular attendee pass to cover your ass (like I did!) before they sell out.  Juuuust in case you get denied for some God-awful reason.

See you there, yes?

Also, for shits let’s look at my first PAX East romp in Boston. This was in 2010 — shit’s retro.

SO YOUNG. Look at that creeper Beez next to me in the white shirt…
I thought I was famous for being on IGN! Those were the days…



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