A Chaos Eater Sword replica is at my PO Box

Earlier today I posted the following to Twitter because, quite frankly, my brain was going batshit crazy and I just needed to get my feelings and emotions out there:


A few of you had some questions, like “WTFBBQ is a Chaos Eater Sword replica doing at your PO BOX?” so allow me to explain! Replica Dungeon contacted yours truly and said “OHAI! Would you like to review one of our products?” Now, how I read this is as follows: “Would you like to add something fucking amazing to your woman cave so you can LARP around with it and pretend to slay things?” So, in my most calm and cool e-voice I responded with a “Absolutely — I’d be honored!” And the rest is history.

I had a few items to choose from, but I thought this was the biggest and most badass..ed. Yes. Badassed. And hey, it’s from Darksiders. DONE DEAL, ahm-I-rah?


BUT I CAN’T PICK IT UP UNTIL TOMORROW. And that is why I’m going insane. Like, knowing that there’s a 46″ sword waiting for me at my PO Box is like knowing Alistair is standing behind me, waving his dong around but all I can do is look straight-ahead.


…Okay, that’s absolutely nothing what this is like, but hopefully you get my drift. ;)

As soon as I whisk this thing from the PO Box and into my woman cave I’ll make an “unboxing” video, so stay tuned for that!



  1. Awesome sword…no furniture or sibling would be safe from me if I had that in my grasp.

    I have been going into Halloween stores lately and playing with the costume weapons…many imaginary beings have been injured

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