Super Mario Bros. (NES) Blindfolded

Props to that guy for being semi-decent while playing blindfolded. (Er, no offense to my father but I’m pretty sure this guy is just as good as my dad is when my dad is, you know, not blindfolded.) I like the little tricks he used, like using the fireballs to dictate where walls were. CLEVER. 

I think the only thing I’ve semi-mustered while “blindfolded” (or in my case, looking away) was a part of Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero. You know, the part where it’s all “BOW WOW BA-BOW WOW WAWAWAWA!” …Yeah, ::puffs out chest:: I’m pretty proud of myself for that life achievement. But now I want to try playing Mario blindfolded! It would be a fun game to play when you have brosephs/brosephinas over. Blindfold the person playing and see who can get the farthest. THE LOSER HAS TO TAKE 10 MILLION SHOTS OF WHISKEY. o_______O!!!!!!

 Or, uh, sips of apple juice, for our not-of-age brethren. 

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