Things You Do in Videogames that’d be Creepy if you did them in Real Life


Some other ideas that could have been implemented into the video:

1) How video game characters can’t jump over simple roadblocks. Like, if there’s a two-inch block in front of your character it’s impassible for whatever reason.

2) How it’s perfectly normal to waltz into anyone’s home and just, like, chill out. Y’know, look at their stuff, STEAL their stuff…

3) This kind of goes along with hoarding, but storing TONS of items in their pockets or whatever the hell they have back there. I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to, y’know, wear a backpack?

Can you think of any others?


  1. As for your number 2, back in the original Baldur’s Gate your good aligned companions, as well as any NPCs who saw you looting somebody’s house would get upset about it.

    • Oh yeah? That’s hilarious! Man, I’ve always wanted to play the PC versions. I’ve only finished the PS2 games.

  2. Skyrim…Bandit Outlaw: “oh, there’s an enchanted glass sword over there absorbs 20 points of health…nah, I’m good with this iron mace.”

    Do you understand?…No?…Ok I’ll repeat everything I just said word for word but won’t explain it any better.

    And as an extension…having the same line(s) of dialogue no matter how many times you talk to someone.

    • Bahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, having conversations would be awkward. Next time we meet up at a con I’m going to do that to you.

      • I was planning on doing that to you the next time, so at least we’re on the same page…and we should have chance relatively soon, should be at East and Prime this year, got the time off of work for both.

  3. Hmm, things I do (in games): 1) Ask the same questions over and over, to see if I get the same dialog back. 2) I’ve sold he armor I’m currently wearing, or clothing, just to afford a new armor, making me temporarily nude. 3) If I find that a game as breakable walls, I try to break…every..single..wall. Same with if it has secret walk through ones. 4) I steal my NPC’s weapons if the game allows. Cheaper than trying to find my own ammo/gear. 5) Going through women’s (or any) restrooms. Sometimes they hide powerups there :)

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