Sony, You Tease.

when worlds collide

::cocks head while looking at the above teaser:: Sooooo…um, yeah…anyone got somethin’?

Earlier today Sony tweeted a URL that links to the above photo, and the only bone we were thrown is the text we see in the photo, “When Worlds Collide”. While I have no idea WTF this thing could mean (I’ve read some hilarious wishlists like a Sony and Nintendo partnership), I say keep bringin’ these teasers! After all, it’s not surprising in the least that these bad boys would begin to start trickling out with the PS4 launch right around the corner (er, not around the closest corner to you, but the corner that’s a few blocks down. Y’know, we still have time until this thing launches) and with both next-gen consoles pre-ordered, I’m stoked to become even more stoked for launch and exclusive first party titles.

If “When Worlds Collide” sounds familiar to you, GameSpot points out When Worlds Collide is the name of a 1993 science fiction novel (which was later turned into a film), and also that the words “When Worlds Collide” was used on the Christmas 2009 issue of Edge promoting Dust 514. Possible leads, perhaps?

Anyway, let me know what you think this thing is for! Sure, we’ll most likely all be wrong and are admittedly shooting in the dark, but it’s still fun to play the guessing game. (I just hope this isn’t for that Sony TV thing I read about earlier. That would be a slight boner kill.)


  1. They’re announcing their partnership with Microsoft and fusing the two consoles together ending all troll wars.

  2. “When Worlds Collide”
    Powerman 5000: The Video Game
    Coming to consoles this holiday season.

  3. Like I’ve heard on other sites, Cross platform servers maybe? That would be sick! I know having it on Unreal Tournament III was awesome!

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