1. Should totally send me that copy of Dishonored. My buddy/roommate S3prototype would love to have/play that.

  2. Very nice of you for doing this. I would like to see pokemon related or any gameboy or playstation stuff. But really like the randomness of the whole thing.

  3. i think id like to see a dragon age or zelda game given away maybe. or even a gameboy color.. i got a pokemon game i haven’t played in a while. but i’d love that dishonored game, i’ve heard it was an awesome game. and it looks well made also

  4. Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy winning anything. Preferably more games or consoles, but hey, I’m not beggar!

  5. If you’re giving away your shit, I really don’t care what it is. It’s free! You’re giving it away! I’ll take what you got.

  6. More the this Gen console games would be the preferred rares. Good job on the video, I am sure when you get your full setup going and fill that room to the brim it will look like a set.

  7. Ohh man dishonored or a dreamcast!!! hope i win that dream cast :D i was looking for one last week but no luck D:

  8. So much gamey goodness!!! I’d have to take dishonored just cuz I’ve been wanting that game!

  9. I’m not picky about what you give away honestly. I guess good games would be at the top of my list! Kinda general, but whatever.

  10. Hmmm more dreamcasts cus SEAMAN is a freaking legend! Too many drunken nights fighting and thumping that fish! Let’s see..some good pictures or picture art, game related of course lol

  11. I think it would have been hilarious to open with a baggy full of brown playdoh made to look like shit, but other than that, anything free is always awesome.

  12. Britt, if you are giving away free stuff… give it away to family. I am sure there is some distant,, non-blood relative that wouldn’t mind some of your stuff……..

    On another note, honestly, anything you couldn’t find at your crappy Gamestop would be a nice free thing! :) And like someone else said, posters are always a nice gift!

      • Britt, I think you think I am joking about the non-blood relative thing…. I mean, I wouldn’t say we are family per se, but we are related to some degree. I have met at least one of your family members…

        I say this in the most sincere, non-creepy way possible too. Hahahahaha :)

  13. Wow, the legends are true. There actually are cute gamer chicks. Great vids. You really keep it fun.

  14. It’s really cool that you’re doing this!
    Thanks for being such a cool role model and an awesome person :D

  15. Really cool this is happening. I love your channel and want more vids. you are fun to watch. I hope once new Apt is set up we get more vids.

  16. I’m actually kinda surprised you’re giving away a fairly recent game, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

  17. Sadly when I was moving away many years ago I sold many of my Sega Genesis games, and now that I’ve started my own little man cave thingie, it is disappointingly missing so many great games of yesteryear. Umm yea anyways, I’d love to win some classic Sega/Nintendo games in your giveaways, you know to add some class up in this bitch! I still have my original Sonic 2 (which came with my Genesis) so it doesn’t matter if your copy doesn’t work, I just want it for the case to house mine in lol ;)

  18. Give away something creepy like a lock of hair or used CLOTHING. Just kidding… I need a Sega Nomad. Hook a brother UP!

  19. Maybe some old hand helds or, if you have them, copies of the old Nintendo magazine. Of course, if I were you, I wouldn’t part with that. Hmm, Let’s see, cards, like Pokemon cards or such, maybe a N64, because though I love the one my friend gave me, she gave it a real beating it would seem, the poor dear. Hm! Well, that’s all I’ve got, because honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to part with anything. :I

  20. I entered a “Win ____ shit” contest once. Turns out it was run by a zoo about the star of their monkey habitat. I was…displeased…with my prize. -__-

  21. you should have an autographed shirt saying “I <3 Blondenerd."
    something along those lines. ^_______^

  22. I dont know what you have? So how can I suggest anything?! Collectors edition of Bioshock Infinite!

  23. Maybe some videogame figures? Whatever you’re willing to give away though i’m sure will be just fine with us though. Thanks!

  24. Seeing some figures or collectables you no longer want would be really cool. Mostly i’m just interested to see some of the stuff you have floating around.

  25. If I win the Dreamcast would you sign it “Nurse Brit” on the top? Or maybe put a boob print on the top of the CD cover, lol. Just kidding? But that Dreamcast would cross a need off my list in my game room.

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