KILL IT NOW: Robugtix T8


At first I was like, “Hmmm. This is just a robot, it can’t scare me OHMYFUCKING GOD IT’S A LEGIT SPIDER AND I MUST KILL IT NOW.” See that transition from calm to FREAKING THE FUCK OUT? That was because I saw this thing in motion, and holy hell — I gotta admit, the T8 is pretty badass. Granted I would never want to come into contact with one because I would probably try to suck it up with my vacuum machine (which is my first line of defense), which would suck for the person who dropped $1,350 on it. 

But if you’re an evil human being and wish to saw off years of people’s lives, I’d say the T8 is the perfect gadget for you. You evil bastard.


  1. FUCK that, other than the fact that it’s creepy its pretty cool that people actually MADE this. like thats awesome but why couldn’t it have been like anything other than a spider….

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