So I’m Browsing Craigslist…

And this is a post I come across:

“I’m pretty sure I’m going into labor because my kitchen floor is like a slip n slide covered in amniotic fluid. I caught my douchebag boyfriend banging the poolboy and as a nice farewell, he maxed out my credit card on a new emporio Armani manty wardrobe, that bastard! Anyway, I’m broke and need this baby out pronto. How does a cool fifty bucks and a bag of weed sound? Bring your own forceps. Peace!”

I would post a link to the actual ad, or at least take a screen shot, but it’s been taken down. WHO SAW THAT COMING?!

But still, it made me LOL.


  1. yay, when I clicked the link on twitter I got the taken down screen. I thought the knowledge of not knowing what it was would slowly drive me crazy. thanks for delaying my eventual lapse into insanity.

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