PSN SNAFU: When You Can No Longer Cry, You Laugh.

So, the PSN has been down for over a week. According to Sony, everything has to be wiped clean and re-built as a result of last week’s “external intrusion”. Personal information linked to users’ PSN accounts has been compromised, to include addresses, e-mail addresses, birth dates and account loggins and passwords. And while Sony has said that there is “no evidence” that credit card information was taken, they cannot rule out the possibility.

Oh, what a SNAFU this has become.

Personally, I think people are more peeved because of Sony’s lack of “Oh bee tee dub, your credit card information may have been compromised. Yeah, we know, we’ve been hacked for days now, but hey, at least we’re telling you!.” I imagine when users discovered the PSN had been a victim of an “external intrusion”, one of the first things that came to mind was “OI! An intrusion? What about my personal information?” In fact, people were immediately asking Sony if personal information had been compromised, specifically, their credit card information.

Sony remained quiet, however, and anger from the peeps rose until Sony finally admitted on Tuesday that yes, personal user information had been compromised, and there was a possibility that credit card information, although encrypted, were hacked into as well.


The internet went batshit crazy. Sony was accused of lying to their customers, class-action lawsuits were threatened/filed, and people were frantically calling around cancelling their credit cards; to sum it up, heads were rolling. CRAY-ZEE. But, Sony insists that they told users about the security breach in the timeliest manner possible.

To be completely honest, I can’t remember the last time I powered up my PS3, but I can still feel the tinge of pain felt by 77 million registered PSN users across the world. Hell, I have a PSN account, and although I haven’t bought anything from the PSN via credit card, I’m still a little worried about my biz. But things get hacked into all the time – as terrible as that sounds – and as long as folks keep an eye on their account information, they should be fine.

Again, I think Sony should have bitten the bullet and CYA’d themselves (Cover Your Ass) by telling people right from the get go “Hey, just be on the lookout for strange activity”. After all, PSN was hacked into by some douchebag with too much time on their hands, it’s not Sony’s fault. Yes, it’s unfortunate, frustrating and a little scary that user information wasn’t as protected as well as it probably could have been, but as long as no long-term harm is done, this could be a very important and vital lesson for Sony, its users, and for Microsoft and Nintendo as well.

But you gotta feel SO bad for the developers out there with PSN excsluive titles and the PS Plus members, both of which are are getting screwed over each day. I mean, we all are, but at least I’m not losing money. Yikes.

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