Skyrim Prom Invite

The text is pretty much microscopic, so click on the picture – I linked you to the original.   

 This totally DESTROYED the method in which I was asked to prom.

Granted, Skyrim wasn’t a thing when I was asked– in fact, I believe it was just being conceptualized – but that being said there are absolutely NO excuses as to why my date didn’t contact Bethesda and inquire about clever, witty ways to ask me to prom. I mean, c’mon. HOW LAME CAN ONE BE. I’m sure Bethesda would have willingly disclosed their newest Elder Scrolls title in order to satisfy my selfish and nerdy needs.



  1. That is so frigging awesome I almost cried. However, because I’m a man, in place of crying I punched a hole in the universe.

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