Fellow geek blogger Tara from GeekyHostess alerted me to an amazeballs 24-hour $10 t-shirt sale currently underway at Threadless.com ((NOTE: The sale is now over :/)). Now, like I said before, this is simply amazeballs. I’ve had my eye on some designs for MONTHS now, but forking over $20 for a t-shirt just seemed thilly. (Yes, this is coming from the same girl who has spent hundreds on frivolous videogame purchases. Don’t judge me.)

LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I ORDERED!! I promise this will be more exciting than being forced to sit through old family photo albums. <3333.

Shirt #1:

Shirt #2:

Shirt #3:

The Link shirt is one I’ve been eye-boinking for a while. In fact, I liked the design so much I saved it in my photos but I forgot to make a note of where I found the design, so months down the road when I finally wanted to pull the trigger and purchase it I, uh, didn’t know where to find it. BUT ALAS it will soon be mine! AND I GOT IT FOR HALF-OFF! BLAMMOOOOOO.

The Mario shirt is just oddly fucked up, and for that I like it. I kind of wish the women’s t-shirt color was the same as the men’s (darker blue) but it’s all gravy. As for the zombie shirt…I dunno. I guess I liked it and stuff. And really the shirt offers excellent advice, but it IS missing the whole “Go to Costco!” bit…


    • That one is easily my favorite. So, like, clever and such. UNLIKE YOU!!! OOOOSNAP!!!

      (I can say these things because you are my friend.)

  1. oh man I’ve never seen that third one before! Sweet. I grabbed a couple on their last $10 sale. Screamin deal.

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