Routine Looks Scary As Balls And I Think I Want It

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Routine, an intense as balls first-person, non-linear horror game in development by Lunar Software.

Routine takes place on a, erm, supposedly abandoned moon base and has this AWESOME — and I quote —  “80’s vision of the future” (did you notice the floppy disk?!). And this is where things get a bit insanity wolf-ish — there is no HUD, no health packs and, well, no health. It’s a one-life perma death situation you’ll be facing. You, the player, will have to run, duck, hide and do whatever you must to save your ass. 

I WANT IT SO BAD. First, I LOVE the level design. In games like Dead Space and Resident Evil I nerd the eff OUT over the concept of abandoned shit. Like, to think at one point an entire workforce, community, whatever, once romped around in that area and now that it’s abandoned it’s freaky as fuck and GAH! …Does that even make sense? I love being able to envision those abandoned warehouses, police departments, spacecrafts, etc. flourishing with people and activity. It almost feels like I’m snooping and getting away with it.

Anyway, as much as I want this game, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. My anxiety goes through through the roof whenever I play a horror title. Hell, as a young spawnchild I would have infinite health AND rocket launchers while playing Resident Evil and I still freaked out. I can’t even imagine how I’d react in a perma death situation. But what about you? Do you get a sick and twisted thrill from perma death games?

Routine doesn’t have a release date just yet, but developers (all four of ’em) say Routine “is coming along very well” but “there is still a good amount of work that needs to be done”. It will release on PC, and a PS4 release post-PC is “a small possibility”.

For more info’may’shun about Routine, head over to its website!


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