Play Legend of Zelda Demake

zelda demake feat

Hey, no worries Mr. Ben Purdy developer, I didn’t want to do anything productive anyway so THANK YOU for creating this demake. Also, I didn’t even know “demake” was a word so at least I learned something to counter the unproductiveness that will be my life today.

I think I found, uh, one or two of the shards? I’m not as familiar with NES Zelda as I am with, let’s say, A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time, but uh, yeah. I think I did something right. I did die a lot. I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to do. Nope.

Your parents always told you to do something with your life, so heed their wishes and find all eight Triforce fragments by trying the damn game. MAKE THEM PROUD.


  1. This is so much more difficult than the NES version.
    Bah, and I thought I was GOOD at Legend of Zelda! D:

  2. I had no problem with it, didn’t die once…of course I’ve played through the game about 20 times.

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