Portal 2 Log #4: PROGRESS!!!!

Folks, I think we’re getting somewhere. Or, I should say I’m getting somewhere. It sounds like the majority of you have already pwn’d Portal 2, but alas…

I don’t know if it was the Easy Mac I ate for dinner (dinner of champions, baby!) but last night I was in a Portal mood, which is odd considering two days ago I was bitching about how I couldn’t get into the game, the story, etc. But I found myself able to concentrate on the puzzles and actually enjoy them.

A big part in that is probably thanks to the change of scenery. I made it to the “retro” Aperture Science campus and testing chambers, which I found to be more enjoyable than the super high-tech chambers GLaDOS put me through earlier in the game. Speaking of GLaDOS, I like her in potato form and the quotes that come from said form. There’s just something hilarious about a monotone computerized voice coming out of a potato.  Also, GLaDOS is totally the woman who is that doctor’s assistant (I can’t remember their freakin’ names)— and I know this not because I’m super duper smart—but because someone posted the spoiler on my Facebook wall. I also know the relationship between Chell and GLaDOS due to said spoiler, but I will act surprised when I find out. I promise.

Chell...and GLaDOS...hmmmmm...naaaaaah. Also, potato.

Something that irks me about Portal 2 is that I have NO idea where I am relative to the story. What stage am I in? What chapter? Is there somewhere on the pause screen that tells you where the fuck you are? BECAUSE I CAN’T FIND IT. However I have to assume I’m getting somewhat close to the end, seeing as the big “revelation” is about to occur.

Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend. Oh, and if you just experienced déjà vu, it’s because I’ve said that every weekend for the past month or so.



  1. Just started finally last night after finishing Dead Space (great game btw). So far I’m enjoying it, mostly because of Glados, but the puzzles don’t seem too hard yet. I’m certain that’s bound to change soon.

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