Again, I Have Issues

Quite frequently I laugh at myself and my strange obsession addiction with Dragon Age.

For serious, I purchase anything and everything related to this bad boy. We’re talking novels, action figures, posters, tattoos, inflatable swords, t-shirts, board games, RPG books, magazines, all available player’s guides and I sorta-kinda own five copies of the game.

I’m even in mid-process of framing the photo of myself, Mike Laidlaw and Mark Darrah from PAX.


 So yes, it’s pretty ridiculous.

I figure I’m at the point of no return, so there’s absolutely no reason that the following Dragon Age paraphernalia I discovered on shouldn’t be in my shrine dedicated to all things Dragon Age. 



A Dragon Age wallet AND a bracelet?!! Holy hell, I’m so buying two so I can keep one in the packaging, and I can actually um, use/wear the other. …WHAT?! Don’t look at me that way. I…I have issues, okay?! And this won’t be my first rendezvous with a videogame themed wallet.




    • I’m happy you didn’t use the word “Psychotic”. Honestly, I only own two inflatable Dragon Age 2 swords, both guides, two copies of the game, the Game Informer magazines and…I think that’s it?

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