Pokemon Blue Log #6: Zapdos, you suck in the best way possible.

Catching Zapdos was a BITCHHHHHHH.

I will now present to you a plethora of photos depicting my battle with the legendary bastard. Please feel free to come to your own conclusions.

Round One:

YEAH! Now I just need to put Zapdos to sleep...
...or not...

Round Two:

I had gotten Zapdos' HP down and he was asleep. But I couldn't catch the bastard.
Of course he wakes up. OF COURSE.
Let's try this again...
You're going down, bitch.
Somehow this is a thing that happened.
NEVER FEAR! I had a few Full Restores in my inventory!
Aaand before I knew it this had happened to my entire roster. Haunter didn't last much longer...

Round Three:

I was too frustrated to take photos leading up to this.

So, yes. I finally caught Zapdos.



  1. I remember when I was little and Zapdos got away. I may have cried :/ and by that I mean I totally did

  2. That’s a pretty neat team you have there.  Usually there’s a Nidoking, Butterfree, possibly Golem or something.  Evolved forms of Pokes you get in the first half hour.

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