I could get REALLY creepy with this

GIVEthemHorns on deviantart received this for her birthday from — wait for it — HER MAN. Yes. Her man presented this to her on her birthday. Now, if that were me, I would have been greedy. I would have said, “Hey, boyfriend/husband/bang-buddy, why don’t you leave me and my new gift alone for, fifteen, twenty minutes? Also, do you have any spare paint? It might be needed.”

But that being said, I can’t quite read Ander’s face. He almost looks sad. And, uh, how disappointing would it be if he was sad after unmentionable acts were acted upon him? It might scar me forever.

Just as I’m sure this post has scarred you forever.


  1. From the look on his face……
    He’s ready to have anything thrown at him (and I mean anything. Ex: Ants )

  2. Please don’t go all creepy on it, Like Bobby hill did in that one episode o_O or of you do documented so the nerd community will always have it for prosperity.

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